YouTube Easter Eggs You Might Not Know

Developing a website is no easy business, and it takes days, weeks, and even months of rigorous testing to make sure that everything in the site runs smoothly. The stress of creating a site can cause web developers to sneak in some Easter Eggs into the code just to de-stress. YouTube is no exception to that thought as there are a bunch of “Not-so-Hidden” Easter Eggs included into the website’s code, and these are found by inputting different commands to the site.

Something for Star Wars Fans

Star Wars fans know that time when Master Yoda was teaching Luke Skywalker to properly use the force. When Luke was trying to lift a broken X-Wing Fighter while using nothing but the force, Yoda was telling him, “Use the force, Luke.”

YouTube users can type that phrase (without the quotes) in the search bar over at the popular video streaming site, and watch as the search results suddenly start to shift around. You can control how the text and images in the page move with the use of your mouse, just like using the force.

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The Harlem Shake

When the Harlem Shake came into the scene, the Internet was abuzz with people doing crazy renditions of the popular track. Even YouTube took note of the vast popularity of the song that if you type “do the Harlem shake” in the site’s search bar (without the quotes), the page will start blaring the actual song. That’s not all as you might notice the YouTube logo found on the upper left corner of the screen to be dancing to the tune as well.

So Wow, Much Doge!

 The popular doge meme took the world by storm when a ShibuInu posed for the camera in a peculiar fashion. This photograph sparked an Internet sensation, and YouTube even paid tribute to the wonderful meme.Typing “doge meme” (without the quotes) in YouTube’s search bar transforms the search results into colorful texts. Furthermore, the font style changes into the Comic Sans MS to poke fun to the user.

 YouTube Easter The Loop Button

If you can’t get a song out of your head and want to sing it continuously, then perhaps you might just watch the YouTube video again-and-again while mashing the repeat button, right? The problem with this is that you have to click on the repeat button every time the music video ends.

Instead of going back to your computer every time you want to replay a music video or any clip for that matter, just do a right-click on the video and select the menu item displayed as “Loop.” Enabling it allows you to watch video over-and-over without having to go back to your computer to hit the replay button.

Flashing Rainbow Stream Bar

Are you tired of seeing the same red bar running across the screen as you watch your favorite videos on YouTube? Change it up a bit by going to any video and type “awesome” anywhere on the screen. Don’t type it in the comments section or in the search bar, just type the word while you’re on the video’s page and watch as the standard red streaming bar flashes different colors.

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