windows 10

How to turn on bluetooth on windows 10?

Since the evolution, earth has faced so many revolutionary inventions and discoveries; everyone would accept that computers are a fine one amongst them so far.  After the computers advent on the society, many changes do faced by the people. Start form the Charles Babbage, computer and its performance gets increased.  The software application and the features on the computers are also gets added every year.  Windows is the most common operating system that is used by enormous amounts of people. To improve the user experience, they upgrade the software applications with the regular interval of time.  When you get upgrade your systems, it is quite new experience for you while using it. At sometimes, you cannot find the settings that you are searching for. If you are one amongst them facing such problem, you should use the internet in those situations.  There are many portals on the internet where you can find the problems you have.   For instance, if you…

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