YouTube Easter Eggs You Might Not Know

Developing a website is no easy business, and it takes days, weeks, and even months of rigorous testing to make sure that everything in the site runs smoothly. The stress of creating a site can cause web developers to sneak in some Easter Eggs into the code just to de-stress. YouTube is no exception to that thought as there are a bunch of “Not-so-Hidden” Easter Eggs included into the website’s code, and these are found by inputting different commands to the site. Something for Star Wars Fans Star Wars fans know that time when Master Yoda was teaching Luke Skywalker to properly use the force. When Luke was trying to lift a broken X-Wing Fighter while using nothing but the force, Yoda was telling him, “Use the force, Luke.” YouTube users can type that phrase (without the quotes) in the search bar over at the popular video streaming site, and watch as the search results suddenly start to shift around.…

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