low GI foods

Stay healthy by taking low GI foods

The glycemic index is the nutritional chart which is actually the list of numbers that associated with the carbohydrate in particular food type. This GI indicates the carbohydrate on the blood glucose of person which is called as blood sugar. Through this GI chart, you can easily find out the advantages and disadvantages of carbohydrate. In fact, this GI ranking system has discovered by Dr. David J. Jenkins & colleagues in the year of 1981 at the Toronto University. In fact, this chart contains lower, medium and high glycemic foods that include fruits, vegetables and beans. The most protein foods & fat products such as fish, egg and chicken and meat are not included in this Glycemic index because those foods are known as the low glycemic foods. The non-fat products are high on GI due to their carbohydrate level. In this chart, the carbohydrate is ranked on the scale from o to 100 in glycemic index according to the…

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