best app for enhancing photos

Photolemur, the best app for enhancing photos

Photolemur is called as one of the finest picture enhancing application available online. This is an iOs or MAC app that makes use of AI for automatic editing of the photos, which can also be done either in batches or individually. Instead of applying same edits to all photos or selecting the filter, this app analyzes well content of all photographs and the attempts for performing appropriate edits for all. It does everything with the mixture of 12 adjustments which includes the following as, Color recovery for boosting saturation of the strong colors The sky enhancement, boosting of blues and the pattern of sharpening cloud The exposure compensation, boosting the shadows & recovering of highlights Smart dehaze, boosts well the contrast & saturation for cutting through pollution or fog The natural light correct, adjustment of color temperature for matching time of the day Foliage enhancement, boosting of fall and green colors and the sharpening of leaves The reduction of noise…

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